I conduct interdisciplinary research on air pollution and climate change. The following topics are within my realm of interest:

  • modeling of ozone and particles on urban, regional and global scales
  • air pollution science and management in developing nations
  • integrated assessment
  • international air pollution transport
  • integrated planning of air pollution and climate mitigation

Research Highlights

October 3, 2013. Our new paper on the air pollution and health co-benefits of global greenhouse gas reductions is now published in Nature Climate Change. It has gotten some good press:

UNC press release


CBS News

New Scientist

National Geographic

German Public Radio

July 16, 2013. Raquel Silva's paper on global air pollution mortality came out last week, and has been getting some attention. Here are some links

UNC press release


LA Times


NASA image of the day

Personal Project:

Solar Mexico: Renewable Energy Futures for Rural Mexico