Events Calendar Submission Guidelines

Carolina’s Events Calendar offers a comprehensive listing of the University‘s public events and important dates. Campus units publish information about their events, which include academic deadlines, lectures, conferences, performances, exhibitions, cultural activities, webinars and more. Users can search and filter by audience, date, event category, or organization/group, and can download event details to most personal calendars (for example: iCal, Outlook, etc.)

The calendar was created in WordPress through a partnership between Carolina’s Office of Communications and Information Technology Services (ITS). Communications manages calendar groups and users and sets policy for calendar use. ITS provides technical expertise in application development and support. UNC schools, departments, centers and other units populate the calendar by publishing their events.

Who can publish:

Each unit that chooses to use the calendar will have at least one designated super-publisher, who can then appoint deputy publishers for the same unit. The super-publisher should be a member of the University’s staff or faculty and generally work in the main administrative office of a school or division. Deputy publishers may be faculty, staff or students. Each super-publisher will be responsible for adding and deleting publishers. Depending on the number of events sponsored by a unit, it may be best for a unit to have the fewest number of publishers possible. One or two should be fine for most units.

Super-publishers will email with the names and ONYENS of all publishers. When there is a change in publishers, the super-publisher should submit those changes as well. After being added to the publishing group, each publisher will receive instructions on how to publish events. Publishers should not share their ONYENs to ensure security and appropriate use of the calendar.

Featured Events:

Communications personnel select events from the calendar to feature on the top levels of Diverse events that will appeal to wide audiences and best illustrate the University’s mission will receive serious consideration. The event must be held on UNC’s campus or in a UNC venue to be featured. Such events may be shown in feeds or can be promoted through other communications channels.

If you want your event considered as a featured event, please check the Featured Homepage Request box when you enter the event information.

Help and Support:

For help with technical issues, please go to and submit a Request for Help to the UNC Events Calendar group.

Updated April 17, 2017.