School Mascot

A Ram for a Mascot?

In 1924 Vic Huggins, UNC’s head cheerleader, decided that Carolina needed a mascot like N.C. State’s Wolf and Georgia’s Bulldog. At the time, Jack Merrit, known to his fans as the “Battering Ram,” was a popular member of UNC’s football team. Making use of this nickname, Huggins hit upon the idea of a ram as the Carolina mascot.

The cheerleader went to Charles T. Woollen, the University’s Business Manager, and asked him to find twenty-five dollars to buy a ram. They ordered UNC’s first mascot from Texas.The 1924 team had been in a slump and Carolina fans were looking for something to break the jinx. The Tar Heel sports staff joined the campus in hoping that the new mascot would bring the much-needed luck.