Summer Pre-Graduate Research Experience

SPGRE Program Update:

After 20 years the SPGRE (Summer Pre-Graduate Research Experience) program has come to a close.

We greatly appreciate all of the support we have received over the years from faculty and staff on campus.

Various other opportunities for summer research will still exist during the summer of at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

BSURE - The Biostatistics Summer Undergraduate Research and Education (BSURE) Program

SURE-REU - The Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (SURE-REU) Program in Molecular Biosciences at UNC-Chapel Hill

MURAP - Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program

SEP - Science Enrichment Preparation Program

SOLAR - Summer of Learning and Research

IDEA - Increasing Diversity and Enhancing Academia

Summer program co-directed by a former GA of our SPGRE program at the University of California Berkeley: STEER.

For additional SPGRE information please contact the AGEP Summer Program Manager Kacey Hammel at or 919.843.9132


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill AGEP  919.962.2509