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ITS     Data Management     Enterprise Database Administration

Staff Assignments for CA-IDMS Databases
  Application Name DBA ITS Developer Contact
1. Student Information System Applications (SIS) Chris Kaman Ron Taylor
2. Financial Records System (FRS) Ann Murphy Connie Long
3. Alumni Development System Ann Murphy Ray Porter
4. Facility Access Control System (FACS I & II) Chris Kaman Mike Conway
5. HSL Software Administration Chris Kaman Chris Kaman

Staff Assignments for Oracle Databases
  Application Name DBA Primary (p); Secondary (s) Developer or Customer Contact Databases Platforms
1. Alumni Directory (ALM) Ann Murphy Ray Porter ALMT, ALMP Hyco
2. Bluebook (BLB) Ann Murphy Ann Davis OP07, OT07, OD07 Riogrande
3. COEUS/Grants Management (OSP) Scott Crouch Roger Jarrell GM1P, OT15, OD15, GM1V Eno (GM1V)
Pamlico (OD15, OT15)
Ganges (GM1P)
4. Conflict of Interest (COI) Chris Kaman Melissa Newberry OP07, OD07, OP07 Riogrande
5. Departmental Accounting System Scott Crouch (interim DBA) Alonzo Eubank, Bob Dermody PRD1, TST1, DEV1, SEC1, DA1D, DA1DA, DA2D, DA2DA, DA2S, DA1T, DA1TA, DA1R, DA1RA Newriver, GFDASD1, GFDASD2
6. EBMS - Continuing Ed Chris Kaman Holly Harmes USIP, USIT, USID Riogrande
7. FACSII (FAC) Chris Kaman Mike Conway OD01, OT01, OP01 OS/390
8. Fixed Assets - GA (GAF) Chris Kaman Robert Norwood OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
9. HRIS Bill Gould Curt Hardy HR1P, HR1T, HR1X, HR1D Eno (HR1X, HR1D)
Ganges (HR1T)
Riogrande (HR1P)
10. International Agreements & Linkages (IAL) Chris Kaman Bonnie Smyre OP07, OT07, OD07 Riogrande
11. Information Technology Purchases (ITP) Chris Kaman Eric Vandervort OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
12. Investment Custodian (INV) Ann Murphy Ann Davis OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
13. Insite Bill Gould Tammy Aycock SM1D, SM03A, SM04A, SM1P OFMS3
14. MIMSY - Ackland Art Museum DB Chris Kaman Laura Benites OD11, OT11, OP11 Eno (OD11, OT11), Ganges (OP11)
15. Physicians & Assoc Data Mart (PAM) Scott Crouch Jen Drake OD14, OT14, OP14 Morgancreek
16. Physicians & Assoc Misc Apps (PAM) Scott Crouch Sonya Gurganus OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
17. Student Information (SIS)
(SIS_HTML, BlueChecks, BRS Checks)
Chris Kaman George Bowie OD07, OT07, OP07 OS/390, Riogrande
18. Student Information Focus Oracle Reporting Repository(SIR) Chris Kaman Melissa Florio OD09, OP09 Riogrande
20. Student Voting (VOT) Ann Murphy Ron Taylor OP07, OT07, OD07 Riogrande
20. Unit Accounting System (UAS) Ann Murphy Ann Davis OD11, OT11, OP11 Eno (OD11, OT11)
Ganges (OP11)  
21. Student Stores Book/Mechandise Portal (SST) Bill Gould Holly Harmes OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
22. OSBM - UNC Contractors Table (GFM) Ann Murphy Patrick Casey OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
23. Student Aid Work Study (WKS) Bill Gould Howard Lively Ron Taylor OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
24. Advise (ADV) Ann Murphy Ray Porter ALMT, ALMP Hyco
25. Mass Email Project (MEM) Chris Kaman Chris Colomb OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
26. Voucher Invoice Payment Report System Ann Murphy Johnny Carpenter OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
27. SIS Project Tracking System (PTS)
Chris Kaman Dave Moffat OD11, OT11, OP11 Eno (OD11, OT11)
Ganges (OP11)
28. Zenworks Chris Kaman Jon Auman ZD3T, ZD3P Dcoracle
29. Pay Stub Reporting (PAY) Ann Murphy Linda Schubel OD09, OP09 Riogrande
30. File and Commentary Exchange Tool (FAC) Chris Kaman David Moffat OD07, OT07, OP07 Riogrande
31. AdmissionPros Applications
Chris Kaman Jeff Hilts (677.9887) OP07 Riogrande
32. AdmissionPros Data Marts
Chris Kaman Jeff Hilts (677.9887) OP09 Riogrande
33. Flexible Routing of Electronic Documents (FRD) Scott Crouch Patrick Casey OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico (OD15, OT15, OP15)
34. Financial Transaction Reporting
Chris Kaman Dan O'Neal OT12, OP12 Ganges
35. FME to FRS Purchase Order Interface (FME) Chris Kaman Michelle Clayton OD11, OT11, OP11 Eno(OD11, OT11),
36. Departmental Funding for Student Aid (DFS) (also know as "STARS") Ann Murphy David Langham OD11, OT11, OP11 Eno(OD11, OT11), Ganges(OP11)
37. Insurance Risk Management (IRM) Ann Murphy TBA OT12 Ganges
38. Working Experts Database Ann Murphy Ray Porter ALMT, ALMP Hyco
39. Web Based Requisition System
Ann Murphy George Beatty OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico
40. HRPAY - VSAM to Oracle
Bill Gould Dan O'Neal OT12, OP12 Ganges (OT12, OP12)
41. Course Approval System
Bill Gould Bonnie Smyre OD11, OT11, OP11 Eno(OD11, OT11),
42. Journal Entry
Ann Murphy Jean Skelton OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico
43. FRS Forms
Scott Crouch Aravinda Kasuganti OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico (OD15, OT15, OP15)
44. Telecom - CMS
Scott Crouch Chien-Hsin Wagner OV16, OD16, OT16, OP16 Brushcreek
45. Friday Center Applications
Chris Kaman Cynthia O'Daniel OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico
46. Requisition and Applicant Management System
Bill Gould Mike Jennings OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico
47. EPA Web
Bill Gould Paresh Gondalia OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico
48. Carolina Course Evaluation System (CCES)
Chris Kaman Bonnie Smyre OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico
49. Faculty Credentials (FACR)
Chris Kaman Melissa Florio OD15, OT15, OP15 Pamlico
50. Blackboard
Chris Kaman,
Scott Crouch
Lori Mathis
51. UNC Portal
Bill Gould n/a
52. Primavera Methods & Projects
Chris Kaman (interim DBA) n/a
53. Institute of Government
Ann Murphy n/a
Chris Kaman (interim DBA) n/a
55. UNC Help
Chris Kaman n/a

Staff Assignments for MS-SQL Databases
  Application Name DBA ITS Developer Contact
1. Student Information System Applications
Bill Gould Ron Taylor
2. ViewStar Bill Gould Jill Poston
3. UNC Management Ann Murphy Jon Auman
4. Tarheel Temps Scott Crouch Holly Harmes