Toastmasters International
Club 1048, District 37
Chapel Hill, NC


Bell Tower Toastmasters:

     Why Join?

  Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower

*** Toastmaster meetings are workshops for the real world! ***

Many people join and remain in Toastmasters to:

Meet People.
Use Toastmaster resources, like the magazine.
Have Fun.
Hear Talks on interesting and unusual subjects...
   ... everything from socks to stoves.

AND to Learn/Practice/Review how to...

Speak extemporaneously
Remember a name
Introduce a speaker
Run a meeting
Make an agenda
Prepare a speech
Be more comfortable speaking
Do small talk
Tell a story
Make a good impression
Make a phone call
Use humor
Employ vocal variety
Set a stage
Work with props
Present an award
Receive an award
Improve memory
Manage Time
Dress for a speech
Prepare minutes
Make press releases
Expand your vocabulary
Increase self-confidence
Improve gestures
Keep a meeting on track
Prepare a budget
Put on a conference
Make transparencies
Improve your communications
Reach your goals

All of the above is accomplished through each member using (Participating,
Preparing, Listening, and/or Reading) the following Toastmaster Resources:

Bell Tower Club Meetings
Fellow Club members
Preparing for the many meeting roles
Performing the many meeting roles
Preparing & delivering speeches
Constructive evaluations
Self-study/reading of Toastmaster Manuals
Toastmaster Magazine
Club leadership roles

Toastmaster Books
Area/District Meetings
Area/District Training
Area/District Contests
Audiotapes of talks
Videotapes of your talks and others
The Toastmaster's Supply Catalog
Catalog items

*** Each Toastmaster Meeting is a learning laboratory! ***

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