1998 Tar Heel Bus Tour Participants

Richard N. Andrews
Preferred Name: Pete
Faculty Chair, Office of Faculty Governance
203 Carr Building, CB# 9170
Work Phone: 962-1671
Martha A. Bedard
Preferred Name: Martha
Associate Director, Library Services
Health Sciences Library, CB# 7585
Work Phone: 962-0703
Dean L. Bresciani
Preferred Name: Dean
Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services
Office of Student Affairs, CB# 5000
Work Phone: 966-3878
Timothy P. Bukowski
Preferred Name: Tim
Medical Director, Department of Pediatric Urology
427 Burnett Womack, CB# 7235
Work Phone: 966-2573
Lori Carter-Edwards
Preferred Name: Lori
Research Assistant Professor, Departments of Epidemiology and Health Behavior/ Health Education
McGavran-Greenberg Hall, CB# 7400
Work Phone: 966-7096
Nancy Rae Chaffee
Preferred Name: Nancy
Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics
404 Brauer Hall, CB #7450
Work Phone: 966-6995
Dean Franklin Duncan III
Preferred Name: Dean
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Tate Turner Kuralt, CB# 3550
Work Phone: 962-7897
Madeleine Grumet
Preferred Name: Madeleine
Dean, School of Education
101 Peabody Hall, CB# 3500
Work Phone: 966-7000
Michael Hooker
Preferred Name: Michael
Chancellor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
103 South Building, CB# 9100
Work Phone: 962-1365
Andrea Marie Hussong
Preferred Name: Andrea
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Davie Hall, CB#3270
Work Phone: 962-6593
Alison Ellen Isenberg
Preferred Name: Alison
Assistant Professor, Department of History
Hamilton Hall, CB# 3195
Work Phone: 962-5545
Victoria E. Johnson
Preferred Name: Vicky
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Bingham 209, CB #3285
Work Phone: 962-8493
Daniel J. Keefer
Preferred Name: Dan
Systems Librarian, Health Sciences Library
Health Sciences Library, CB# 7585
Work Phone: 966-6870
Laurie Langbauer
Preferred Name: Laurie
Associate Professor/Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English
Greenlaw Hall, CB# 3520
Work Phone: 962-6665
Barbara J. Levergood
Preferred Name: Barbara
Electronic Documents Librarian, Academic Affairs Library
Davis Library, CB# 3922
Work Phone: 962-1151
Jerome A. Lucido
Preferred Name: Jerry
Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Admissions
CB#2200, Jackson Hall Room 112
Work Phone: 966-3623
Elaine Patricia Maisner
Preferred Name: Elaine
Acquisitions Editor, UNC Press
Brooks Hall, CB# 6215
Work Phone: 966-3561
Gregory B. Newby
Preferred Name: Greg
Assistant Professor, School of Information and Library Science
Manning Hall, CB# 3360
Work Phone: 962-8064
Shirley A. Ort
Preferred Name: Shirley
Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid
300 Vance Hall, CB #2300
Work Phone: 962-9246
Carol J. Pardun
Preferred Name: Carol
Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Howell Hall, CB# 3365
Work Phone: 962-0025
Amelia Catherine Roberts
Preferred Name: Amelia
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
CB #3550
Work Phone: 962-6428
William L. Roper
Preferred Name: Bill
Dean, School of Public Health
Rosenau Hall, CB 7400
Work Phone: 966-3251
Gordon S. Rowley
Preferred Name: Gordon
University Bibliographer and Head of Collections Development
Davis Library, CB# 3918
Work Phone: 962-1095
Betsy Lynn Sleath
Preferred Name: Betsy
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Policy
Beard Hall, CB# 7360
Work Phone: 962-0079
Lisa D. Smith
Preferred Name: Lisa
Cataloger, North Carolina Collection
Wilson Library, CB# 3930
Work Phone: 962-1172
Thomas Scott Stroup
Preferred Name: Scott
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
10626 Neurosciences Hospital, CB# 7160
Work Phone: 966-6846
Todd Wilson Taylor
Preferred Name: Todd
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Greenlaw Hall, CB# 3520
Work Phone: 962-2248
Homepage:  http://www.unc.edu/~twtaylor
Isaac J. Unah
Preferred Name: Isaac
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
Hamilton Hall, CB#3265
Work Phone: 962-6383
Scott Alan Warner
Preferred Name: Scott
Assistant Professor, Department of Music
220 Hill Hall, CB# 3320
Work Phone: 962-1031
Richard Byron Whisnant
Preferred Name: Richard
Associate Professor, Institute of Government
CB# 3330, Knapp Building
Work Phone: 962-9320
Thomas Lee Ziemiecki
Preferred Name: Thom
Associate Professor, Department of Prosthodontics
301A Brauer Hall, CB#7450
Work Phone: 966-3697