Pseudopenannular Brooch
Silver, with added gold and amber
Near Roscrea, County Limerick
Eight-Ninth Century, CE
Early Medieval, Celtic
18.3  cm
National Museum of Ireland

This brooch is indicative of the transition between the eight century gilt-bronze style and the silver brooches of the ninth century.  This brooch is categorized as pseudopenannular since it is bridged at the plate.  The slightly expanded terminals, and the pin which runs through the center, give the impression of a complete circular head.  The terminals are enhanced by gold, patterned with a display of concentric circles.  Amber stones remain partially intact in the settings of the cross-section of the plate and on the pinhead.  The plate and pinhead are also bordered by an animal-like, serpentine pattern.  Successive lobes flank the edges of the head and of the plate.  The pinhead is wedge-shaped and also lobed.  The pinhead also bears an area of gold filigree in a design of concentric circles. The fastener is decorated with an incised chevron pattern.



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