Eberdingen-Hochdorf Burial: Wagon
Image #216562

Type of object: Chariots and Wagons

Material: wood, iron

Length: 4.5m (box: 1.71*0.68*0.085m, pole: 2.38m)
Period: Hallstatt

Find spot: Burial (male), Eberdingen-Hochdorf

Country: Germany

Date: 6th c. BCE

Collection: Stuttgart, Württembergisches Landesmuseum

This wagon was found in the unplundered burial chamber at Hochdorf. In the chamber, the body was not placed on this wagon, but on the couch which was on other side of the chamber. On this wagon, plates for banquet service were found. This must be related to their belief of after-death world or a ritual. This is a four-wheel wagon. Each wheel has ten spokes. It has a draught pole (2.38m long). The height of the wagon box is just above its axles. This has the different sturucture from one at Vix, whose box is lifted to the height of the top of wheels. The wagon box was not attached to the axles, so it was removable. It was decorated with iron sheathing.


Above are images of reconstruction of Hochdorf grave (Courtesy Dr Jorg Biel). There are plates on the wagon, and drinking-horns on the wall. The body was on the couch.

Burial Couch
Collection: Stuttgart, Württembergisches Landesmuseum






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