Chariot (reconstruction)
Image #216560

Material: wood, iron

Period: Hallstatt

Find spot: Elite burial (female), Vix, France

Date: 6-5th c. BCE

Collection: Mainz, Musuem für Antike Schiffahrt

This is a reconstruction of a chariot found in a tomb at Vix in 1953. This was buried with a woman whose age was about 35. The four wheels were detached from the main body and placed against a wall. The woman’s body was placed on the main body of this wagon. Each wheel has ten spokes. The spokes and rims were made of wood and coupled by wooden axles. Axle-caps were made of iron. It has a draught pole on one side. The wagon box was lifted to the height of the top of wheels. Four sides of the wagon box were decorated by openwork. The top part of each side of box has wavelike shape which is response to the pattern of openwork.

The illustration of the chamber. Along the east side wall, there are four wheels are placed. The wagon remains are in the center of the chamber with female skelton. (See colored parts in the illustration.)












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