La Tène
Reinham, Elite Burial
4th c BCE
Saarbrücken, Landesmuseum für Vor-und Frühgeschichte

The gold armletís structure resembles the necklace found at the same site; however, the figure on the armlet has been crafted with more detail.  The solid figure which forms the front of the armlet is not in a praying position as in the necklace, but with its arms forming a square to its and above its waist appear to be holding a rounded box, possibly an offering.

The figure's crown has three parts and a smooth shiny surface similar to the former; however, its middle section has a protruding ball with an engraved stripe through the center and large swirl patterns on the sides.  A second ball sits atop the center of the crown to balance the enormous smooth orbs to its sides, which are held up by the side sections of the crown.

The bottom of the crown contains decorative engravings and minute engravings to represent hair poking out from under its weight.  The face, although not as deeply set, has flat shiny skin with a high brow and big protruding orbs encircled by rings to represent eyes.  The nose is rather wide and the mouth rather pouty and upturned in a childish smile.  The chin is rather angular emphasizing the two raised balls, which spill out of the object that it holds in its hands.  Its arms are attached to its sides and boast its own armlets.  Unlike the necklace, the arms and hands are highly emphasized with carved fingers and pronounced elbows.

The lower body is the most ornamentalized.  Two large long swirls swoop down the "skirt" on either side outlined in a repetitive box pattern around the edges.  Between the swirls a smooth stripe pattern has been carved into the surface and continues below where the swirls end into the twisted smooth body of the armlet.


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