Ritual Crown

Hockwold-cum-Wilton, Norfolk England
2,3, or late 4th C. AD
British Museum
6? inches high

The bronze helmet-like piece is composed of many long rectangular think stripes of bronze.  The edges of each stripe round out to give it a simple design.  The stripe that fits around the head has been rounded and has four ringed circular pieces that hold together the crown.  These stripes are attached to the four stripes that encase the head and meet at the top of the wear’s head held together by another ringed circular piece.

The four pieces have two prominent rounded rings while the center encases a rounded face of a man.  He has thick hair and a beard and his main facial features emphasized.  The top piece does not have a head in the middle although it does have the two outer rings.  Instead it dips to make a circle around the middle which culminates into a separate center piece that stands straight up.  The top piece’s base has a wide ring at its own base followed by a dip leading to four small rings that end in half of sphere at its tip.

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