Cavenham Heath, Suffolk
2,3, or 4th c. AD

Ipswich Museum

5? inches height


The diadem consists of one sheet of bronze with a large wide front and two long thin rectangular sides that fit together in a separate bronze stripe.  This stripe allows the circular shape to fit around the head of any wearer.  The top and bottom edges of the long rectangular stripes have white lines that continue around the stripes and the edges of the three semicircles that make the top of the diademís front.  These scrapes indicate that at one time these areas were covered in a precious medal or were possibly bejeweled (Toynbee, p.177).  Under the semicircles there are more scrapes forming circles on the left and right sides and forming a hollow circle in the middle.  This indicates that these places were at one time covered with large jewels.  On the bottom of the front one can tell that something has "been torn off leaving scars, some of which show traces of figure work where they been soldered to the bronze" (Toynbee, p.178).

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