La Tène
Reinham, Elite burial
4th c. BCE
Saarbrücken,Landesmuseum für Vor-und Frühgeschichte


The main body of the necklace has a smooth surface, but has been twisted in a clockwise motion in order to give the piece a wider diameter.  The piece is still smooth despite the twisting; having deep dips where gold has overlapped giving it a highly decorated, yet simple design and a heavy look.

At the point where the two ends of the necklace meet, the artist has smoothed the torc into a more solid form.  The form consists of a geometric, yet rounded figure of a person in prayer.  The figure has an elongated torso with a protruding belly and small-simplified arms with little detail to represent the hands.  The figure itself wears a chunky torc, which further emphasizes its large head.

A round face with a protruding chin, simple prominent lips and a too large nose uplift to give the figure a smile.  Its eyes represented by large extruding orbs complete the highly geometrical face and the brow is highly raised in order to support the crown with three distinct sections.  On the peak of the crown sits two large spheres, which ultimately connect the necklacesí other half.


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