Creating the Celtic Art and Cultures Web site was a collaborative effort. Gary Geisler and Dr. Dorothy Verkerk developed the idea and applied for an Information Technology grant in the Fall of 1997. Gary, Dorothy, and Karin Breiwitz began developing the Web site in January, 1998.

Gary Geisler ( is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Infomation and Library Science at UNC, where he is doing research on multimedia and user interfaces. Gary also works as a Software Engineer for IBM in Research Triangle Park, where works on the demos and tutorials for IBM's Java Application Server product, WebSphere.

Dr. Dorothy Verkerk ( is an Assistant Professor of Art History at UNC. She is currently using the Celtic Art and Cultures Web site in her Art 111 course.

Karin Breiwitz ( received her M.S. in Library Science from UNC in August, 1998. She works at the Center For Teaching and Learning at UNC, where she is an Instructional Materials Designer and Lab Manager.

As the Fall semester of 1998 approached, several other people volunteered to help complete the project:

Richard Spinks ( is a Software Engineer at IBM in Research Triangle Park. He currently works on user assistance strategies for IBM's mobile computing products.

Paul Hagwood ( is a Visual Designer at IBM in Research Triangle Park. He creates graphics and animation for both internal and external IBM Web sites.

Caroline Trippe provided a database of information that served as the basis for the Images category.

Scott Patrick and Holly Johnson, graduate students in English, and Benjamin Harvey, a graduate student in Art History, donated their time and vocal skills for the vocabulary pages.