Viewing Requirements

For best results, you should be viewing the Celtic Art and Cultures site with a version 4 or higher, frames- and javascript-enabled browser (either Internet Explorer or a Netscape browser). Netscape 4.06 (or higher) is especially recommended because it automatically installs the Shockwave Flash 3 plug-in.

If you are installing both a new browser and the plug-ins suggested below, install the browser first (the plug-ins you install later will be automatically configured for the browser).

Browser and Plug-In Suggestions

Some pages of the Celtic Art and Cultures Web site use animation, video, and audio techniques that require specific browser plug-ins (and specific versions of the plug-ins) to be installed on your computer. These plug-ins are free, easy to install, and enable you to view applications using similar techniques on other Web sites, so downloading and installing them is highly recommended. Specifically:

For some of the Design pages, you should install the Shockwave Flash 3 plug-in.

For the Vocabulary audio pronunciations and the QuickTimeVR movies, you should install the QuickTime 3 plug-in.