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Setup Tip For Coeus 4.0
If Coeus 4.0 doesn't run when you click the link, you will need to install Java Web Start version Please review Installation and Troubleshooting and contact your computer support specialist to assist with step.

First Time Usage: You will be prompted with a Security Warning asking whether you want to trust the signed application distributed by: Coeus 4.0 Please select 'Start'. You will also be prompted with a Desktop Integration question (this will give you icons to the application on your desktop, as well as your start menu.) Please select 'Yes'. These two questions will only appear the first time you launch the application.

Coeus maximizes electronic efficiency to support the creation and administration of proposals and awards, providing a secure environment for research efforts to thrive and enhance communications between individuals and systems, within the university, with sponsoring agencies and to the greater research community

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