How to Use the Notepad


The upper left corner allows one to change the order of viewing the relationship by clicking on the radio button. (Proposal to Award or Award to Proposal)


The Notepad has been used in Proposal Development to track proposals through the routing process. It is now accessible in all modules for viewing by all Coeus users and for editing by data entry staff.

We will provide specific Standard Operating Procedures for its use in Institute Proposal and Award modules once we establish those guidelines. Please share suggestions you may have for beneficial information. Examples would be a note that a PI is changing institutions or that a budget revision is requested. This information is viewable by all Coeus users, unless it is marked Restricted (we arenít using this feature at this time).

Navigating this window works the same way as the Medusa window. Click on the icons on the left side of the screen to see notes that have been entered in the 3 modules for this proposal.