All Search Screens use the same techniques. Columns are of two types:

*   Enter parameter by typing

*   Choose it from a Dropdown List


To search by typing, you must enter the COMPLETE entry you want to find

OR use the convention: the word like with % signs as shown below.



1.      Contains a word or string of text      like %word or string of text %





















*   Single row invokes logical AND

Example: All Funded Proposals for the School of Medicine

Choose Funded in Status column and like 0042% in Lead Unit column







Multiple Row invokes logical OR

Example: All Sponsors whose names end with corporation or incorporated








***We recommend that you be very selective with this search procedure, it often produces inconclusive results. ***


*   To search for groups of records

Enter the range with the following parameters:

First line >= (greater than or equal to)

Second line  use “and” to override the OR relationship between rows



To search for proposals, any of these columns can be populated






Search Criteria


    Proposal Number

8 digit Coeus number

All digits or like % procedure

    Proposal Type

Dropdown List



Dropdown List


    Account Number

FRS Account number




like %AIDS%

    Unit Number


00+dept number

    Lead Unit Name





like %page%

    Sponsor Code



    Sponsor Name


Like %…%







2.            Sort search results using these techniques:

*   Single level

Click column head name for descending order  (click twice for ascending order)

*   Multi-level

File Menu, Sort

Drag the field names to Sort Column section

3.      Change the width of columns by placing the pointer on the line dividing column names. Drag the double sided arrow to create the desired width



Because the application is not resident on your machine, you will get this message when you attempt to save to your drive

To save the Proposal List to Excel