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Steam Tunnel Neighborhood Meeting


On April 16, 2009, University representatives met with residents of the Cameron-McCauley neighborhood to brief them on the next phase of construction on the steam tunnel that when complete will connect the Cogeneration Plant to the main campus.

The new phase of construction will begin in mid-April. This phase will continue the construction of a new steam tunnel between the University’s Cogeneration Plant and Pittsboro Street. The work will primarily take place in the existing steam tunnel corridor that is located between Cameron Ave and McCauley Street. Significant work has already been done in the section of the corridor inside the construction fence closest to the Cogeneration Plant.

This next phase of construction is scheduled to last for approximately 24 months. The construction will be very similar to the recently completed work at the Cogeneration Plant and at the former Nash Hall site.

Affiliated Engineer, the project designer and D. H. Griffin Construction, the project contractor, were also present for the meeting. Together with University staff, they presented this Power Point.

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