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Clinical Trials
One of the more recently discovered treatments, lung-volume-reduction surgery, was believed to be a very effective treatment against emphysema.  As a result, a clinical trial was run by a group of doctors to determine the effectiveness of the surgery.

The National Emphysema Treatment Trial Research Group conducted this trial, and used 1,218 patients that had been diagnosed with severe emphysema (Fishman and others 2003).  The selected patients were divided into two groups; one of which continued their normal medical treatment, while the other received lung-volume- reduction surgery (Fishman and others 2003).  The purpose of this experiment was to determine how effective lung-volume-reduction surgery would be on patients’ mortality rate and their exercise capacity (Fishman and others 2003).  Results showed the research group that the “lung-volume-reduction surgery increases the chance of improved exercise capacity but does not confer a survival advantage over medical therapy” (Fishman and others 2003).  The trial proved the surgery to be only somewhat effective against the disease, but was still important in the overall search for better treatments.  

In the history of emphysema research, there have been numerous experiments and trials; but this trial is significant because it showed how researchers are continuously getting closer to finding a successful treatment for improving patients' way of life.

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