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Please read the following vignette and answer the three questions using the information from the required reading.

Mrs. Brown is 85 years old now and her vision is not what it used to be. Her fingers also don't seem as nimble as they were 30 years ago. Despite these changes she has arthritis but no other disease and takes very little medicine. She returned to her physician recently and was told that there is nothing further that can be done for her complaints. Mrs. Brown has enjoyed a lifetime career as a seamstress and has accomplished countless intricate and time-consuming projects. She has made wedding dresses, suits, ball gowns, and many other beautiful items for nearly everyone in her town.

She often reflects to her friends and family that she can't see or manipulate like she once could. Now she is only able to make larger, less detailed and time-consuming projects like baby blankets for her great grandchildren. She says "Even though my seamstress days are over, I still enjoy making some little things for the children. My hands and my eyes won't let me do any more than that."

Question 1: Which theory of biologic aging might fit this scenario? Review these theories from your reading assignment. Before choosing an answer below, think of how it would explain and apply to Mrs. Brown.

     A. Hayflick Limit Theory
     B. Error theory
     C. Wear and tear theory
     D. Free radical theory
     E. Immunity theory
     F. Cross-linkage

Question 2: Select one of the theories in the sociological category to explain what Mrs. Brown is experiencing. Look back at your reading assignment. Before selecting an answer, please think about how the theory would apply to Mrs. Brown and which one would be the best fit.

     A. Disengagement theory
     B. Age stratification theory
     C. Person-environment fit theory
     D. Developmental task or Activity theory

Question 3: Of the theories in the psychological category, which one most fits Mrs. Brown's view of life? Again, review this category of theories in your reading assignment. Think about which theory applies best.

     A. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
     B. Jung's Theory of in Individualism
     C. Buhler's Course of human life theory
     D. Erickson's Eight stages of life theory
     E. Baltes' functional loss adaptation


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