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Introduction to Islamic Civilization

UNC-Chapel Hill, Fall 2006

Al-Azhar University,Cairo
(founded 990 C.E.)

Prof. Carl Ernst

UNC Department of Religious Studies

TTh 3:30-4:20 pm, Manning 209
Office Hours: WTh 11:00 am-noon; and by appointment, 107 Saunders Hall
Office Phone: 962-3924, email: cernst@email.unc.edu
Graduate Teaching Assistants:
G. A. Lipton (
Isaac Weiner (iweiner@email.unc.edu)
Timur Yuskaev (yuskaev@

Welcome to the Web site for "Introduction to Islamic Civilization" (Reli 180).

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All recitation sections are held on Fridays:

601  09:00AM-09:50AM Hanes Art Center 117 (Lipton)
602  09:00AM-09:50AM Murphey 105
603  10:00AM-10:50AM Hanes Hall 103 (Yuskaev)
604  10:00AM-10:50AM Murphey 105
605  11:00AM-11:50AM Hanes Art Center 116 (Lipton)
606  11:00AM-11:50AM Saunders 104 (Yuskaev)
607  02:00PM-02:50PM Gardner 103 (Weiner)
608  01:00PM-01:50PM Hanes Art Center 116 (Lipton)
609  02:00PM-02:50PM Hanes Art Center 116 (Yuskaev)

Upcoming lectures, exhibits, and performances relating to the Middle East and Muslim civilizations

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