Advanced Toxicology

TOXC 707/PHCO 707/ ENVR 707

Fall Semester 2006

Course Director Dr. James A. Swenberg
Time MWF  -  9:00-9:50AM
Location 2304 McGavran Greenberg
Phone 966-6139
Fax 966-6123
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Date Topic Lecturer
AUGUST Overview/Regulatory Toxicology
(Course Director:  Dr. James Swenberg)

23 (W) Course overview and Regulatory Toxicology James Swenberg
25 (F) Risk Assessment James Swenberg
28 (M) Risk Assessment James Swenberg

Clinical Pathology
(Team Leader:  Dr. Greg Travlos )

30 (W) Hematology in Toxicity Studies
Powerpoint slides
Greg Travlos

1 (F) Coagulation Evaluations in Toxicity Studies
Powerpiont slides
Greg Travlos
 4 (M) Labor Day – No Class
 6 (W) Coagulation Evaluations in Toxicity Studies Greg Travlos
 8 (F) Clinical Chemistry Evaluations in Toxicity Studies
Powerpoint slides
Greg Travlos
11 (M) Clinical Chemistry Evaluations in Toxicity Studies Greg Travlos

(Team Leader: Dr. Ralph Smialowicz )

13 (W) Structure and function of the immune system Ralph Smialowicz
15 (F) Assessment and Examples of Chemical- Induced Immunosuppression & Autoimmunity Ralph Smialowicz
18 (M) Contribution of Chemicals to Allergic Disease Assessment, Examples and Mechanisms
Supplemental Reading List
Basketter       Gilmour 1      Gilmour 2
Sailstad          Sarlo 1          Sarlo 2          Selgrade
MaryJane Selgrade

Molecular Mech. Of Radiation Toxicology
(Team Leader: Dr. Elaine Zeman)

20 (W) Physico-Chemical Basis of Radiation Action Elaine Zeman
22 (F) Radiation-Induced Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis
EXAM I handed out
Elaine Zeman
25 (M) Consequences of Radiation-Induced Cell Killing Elaine Zeman

Cardiovascular Toxicology
(Team Leader:  Dr. Abraham Nyska)

27 (W) Cardiotoxicology James Swenberg
29 (F) Vascular Toxicology
EXAM I due
Mitchell Troutman

Respiratory Toxicology
(Team Leader: Milan Hazucha)

2 (M) Basic physiology and function or the respiratory system Milan Hazucha
4 (W) Pulmonary Toxicology Markers Gary Hatch
6 (F) Metabolism and Enzyme Kinetics in the Lung Anthony Hickey
9 (M) Animal Models: Their Utility in the Assessment of Toxic Inhalants Dan Costa
11 (W) Uptake and disposition of gases and vapors in the respiratory system
EXAM II handed out
Paul Schlosser

(Team Leader: Dr. Richard Mailman)

13 (F) Unique aspects of nervous system structure and function
Intro. Bioch. Tox. Reading
Richard Mailman
16 (M) CNS diseases and the environment
Richard Mailman
18 (W) Neurotoxicity of Pesticides
Stephanie Padilla
20 (F) Fall Break – No Class
23 (M) Neurotoxicity of Solvents          Neurotoxicity of Solvents (PDF)
William Boyes
25 (W) Neurotoxicity of Natural Toxins Robert MacPhail

Renal Toxicology
(Drs. Douglas Wolf and 
James Swenberg)

27 (F) Toxicologic Pathology of the Kidney Douglas Wolf
29 (M) Toxicologic Pathology of the Kidney Douglas Wolf

1 (M) alpha2u Globulin-Nephropathy James Swenberg

Hepatic Toxicology
(Team Leader: 
Dr. Gary Boorman)

3 (F) Introduction to Liver Gary Boorman
6 (M) Aspects of Hepatic Injury Robert Sills
8 (W) Biochemistry of Liver Injury Molecular Edward LeCluyse
10 (F) Acute Liver Injury
Reference list
EXAM III handed out
Rich Miller
13 (M) Chronic Liver Injury and Carcinogenesis Amy Brix

Clinical Toxicology & Drug Interactions
(Team Leader:  Dr. Paul Watkins)

 15 (W) Drug Induced Liver Injury (DILI) Paul Watkins
 17 (F) Nutrition and Xenobiotics:  The story of grapefruit juice
Paul Watkins

Reproductive Toxicology (Team Leader:  Dr. John Rogers)
20 (M) Developmental Toxicology I John Rogers
22 - 24 (W & F) No Class - Thanksgiving
27 (M) Female Reproductive Toxicology Jerome Goldman
29(W) Male Reproductive Toxicology Gary Klinefelter

1 (F) Developmental Toxicology II
Wells review
Teratogen induced cell death
Sid Hunter
4 (M) Regulatory Aspects of Developmental  & Reproductive Toxicology Rochelle Tyl
6 (W) Course Review
EXAM IV handed out
James Swenberg
EXAM IV due at 10:00 AM


Exam I Regulatory Toxicology, Clinical Pathology and Immunotoxicology Out: 9/22/06
In:    9/29/06
Exam II Radiation Toxicology, Cardiovascular Toxicology and Pulmonary Toxicology
Mode of Action example
Out: 10/11/06
In:     10/18/06
Exam III Neurotoxicology and Renal Toxicology Out: 11/10/06
In:    11/17/06
Exam IV Hepatic Toxicology, Clinical Toxicology and Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Out:  12/6/06
In:   12/13/06*
*Exam IV due in 2002 Michael Hooker Research Center by 10:00am

University Holidays/Breaks:  Oct. 19th (Th), 20th (F) - Fall Break; Nov. 22nd (W), 23th (Th) and 24th (F) – Thanksgiving (No classes)