Week 1: Introduction

Thursday: 1/12/06 Overview of Course

Week 2

Tuesday: 1/17/06

Germany before 1945
•Mary Fulbrook, The History of Germany, pp. 1-104


Tuesday: 1/17/06 at 7pm

Screening: Carol Reed, The Third Man (1949)  
Thursday: 1/19/06 Occupying and Reordering Germany and Austria: The Allies at Work

•Mark Allinson, “Parting of the Ways, 1945-1949” (e-res)
•Mary Fulbrook, The History of Germany, 1918-2000, pp. 107-136

Week 3

Tuesday: 1/24/06

Germany Year Zero and De-Nazification
•Heinrich Böll, The Stories of Heinrich Böll, Various shortstories: "The Man With Knives" (pp. 11-19), "That Time We Were in Odessa" (pp. 266-69), "Stranger, Bear Word Word to the Spartans, We..." (pp. 270-77), "Business Is Business" (pp. 382-86), "The Postcard" (pp. 446-51), "When the War Broke Out" (pp. 568-81), "The Thrower-Away" (597-604), "Anecdote Concerning the Lowering of Productivity" (pp. 628-30)

Thursday: 1/26/06
Political Reconstruction of the Germanies
•Henry Turner, Germany from Partition to Reunification, pp. 33-54
•Peter Pulzer, German Politics 1945-1995, pp. 23-50

Week 4

Tuesday: 1/31/06 Era Adenauer and "Wirtschaftswunder"
•Turner, Germany from Partition to Reunification, pp. 104-147
•Pulzer, German Politics 1945-1995, pp. 51-70
Thursday: 2/2/06

Perceptions of Guilt: West-Germany, East-Germany, and Austria

•Lonnie Johnson, "The Second Republic: The State That Everyone Wanted" (e-Res)

•Clips from the Sound of Music

Thursday: 2/2/06 at 7pm

Screening: Billy Wilder, One Two Three (1961)

Week 5


The Other Germany: GDR
•Pulzer, German Politics 1945-1995, pp. 90-107
•Turner, Germany from Partition to Reunification, pp. 55-103
•Strictly Propaganda (video clips)

Thursday: 2/9/06
•Pulzer, German Politics 1945-1995, pp.108-129
•Willy Brandt, "Ostpolitik" (handout)

Week 6

Tuesday: 2/14/06 Protest in 1968
•Enzensberger, Hans Magnus: “Commonplaces on the Newest Literature” (e-Res)

Thursday: 2/16/06
Political Leadership confronted with the Nazi Past in the 1980's

•Richard Mitten, "Bitburg, Waldheim and the Politics of Remembering and Forgetting" (e-Res)

Week 7

Tuesday: 2/21/06

No class, Professor attending meeting out of town

Thursday: 2/23/06
Disillusion to Revolution
•Mary Fulbrook, The History of Germany , pp. 214-224 and 257-282
•Richard T. Gray & Sabine Wilke (eds.), German Unification and its Discontents, Documents from the Peaceful Revolution. Selections. (e-Res)

Week 8


Unification: One State, Two People
•Mary Fulbrook, The History of Germany , pp. 214-224 and 257-282
•Richard T. Gray & Sabine Wilke (eds.), German Unification and its Discontents, Documents from the Peaceful Revolution. Selections (e-Res)

Thursday: 3/2/06
The After-Shocks of the Unification
•Charles Maier, “Anschluss and Melancholy“ (e-Res)

Week 9

Tuesday: 3/7/06

Midterm Examination

Thursday: 3/9/06


No class, Professor attending conference abroad


Spring Break, 3/13-3/17, Viel Vergnügen!


Week 10


Tuesday: 3/21/06

•Thomas Brussig, Heroes Like Us

Thursday: 3/23/06
•Hans Deppe, “Grün ist die Heide” (1951) Film excerpts shown in class.
•Celia Applegate. A Nation of Provincials. Selections (e-Res)

Week 11

Tuesday: 3/28/06 Coming to Terms with the Past: The Two Germanies
•Michael Geyer, “The Politics of Memory in Contemporary Germany” (e-Res)
Tuesday: 3/28/06 at 7pm
Screening: Michael Verhoeven, The Nasty Girl (1990)
Thursday: 3/30/05

Responses to Neo-Nazism
•Jerome S. Legge Jr. “Reunification with East Germany and the Refugee Problem.” Selections (e-Res)


Week 12


The Rise of Jörg Haider's Extreme Right-Wing Populism in Austria and Right-Wing Radicalism in Germany

•Reinhold Gärtner, "The FPÖ, Foreigners, and Racism in the Haider Era" (e-Res)

•Hans-Joachim Veen, "Election Results of the Republikaners and Other Right-Wing Splinter Parties" (e-Res)

Thursday: 4/6/06
Contemporary German Jewish Culture and Community
•Lea Fleischmann, "Identity Problems of Postwar Generation Jews in Germany: A Historical Perspective" (e-Res)
Thursday: 4/6/06 at 7pm

Screening: Wolfgang Becker, Good Bye Lenin! (2003)


Week 13

Tuesday: 4/11/06

Berlin: Rebuilding the New German Capital
•Rolf J. Goebel: “Berlin’s Architectural Citations: Reconstruction, Simulation, and the Problem of Historical Authenticity” (e-Res)

Project Proposal with Bibliography Due

Thursday: 4/13/06
Turkish-German Tensions
•Zafer Senocak, “Germany–Home for Turks?” (e-Res)
•Emine Sevgi Özdamar: Mother Tongue. Selections (e-Res)

Week 14

Tuesday: 4/18/06

Germany in the New World Order
•Russell Berman, “The Gulf War and Cultural Theory in Germany and the United States” (e-Res)

Thursday: 4/20/06
No class, Professor attending conference out of town

Week 15

Tuesday: 4/25/06 Germans Suffering •W.G. Sebald, On the Natural History of Destruction
Wednesday: 4/27/06


Final Paper Due

Finals Week
 Final Exam: 8-10 AM