Corinthian Column-Krater





ca. 575 B.C.

35.0  x 40.5 cm
William A. Whitaker Foundation Art Fund

The Cavalcade Painter worked in the Three Maidens Group workshop which produced a repertory of narrative themes characteristic of the Middle Corinthian period.  These themes included banquet scenes, departure and duelist scenes (as in this example), and sometimes mythological scenes.

In this vase, the Cavalcade Painter has concentrated his artistic efforts on the side depicting the duelists.  The attention to detail is evident in the elaborate armor, intersecting spears, and decorative shields.  The departure scene, however, reveals disproportionate horses and riders with little other elaboration.

There is also less focus on the animal frieze, an Orientalizing motif.  During the Orientalizing period, animal friezes were many times the principal decoration; here they have been relegated to the subsidiary frieze.  In the Middle Corinthian, the principal frieze is often a narrative or battle scene, indicating an interest in depicting the human form.