ENVR230 Fall 2006

Mid-term take-home exam

Due Oct 26th at 5 pm, 4114E McGavran-Greenberg

Maximum length 10 pages

Question 1

List the five most abundant exogenous chemicals (and thier levels) in the human body, according to the NHANES survey (http://www.cdc.gov/exposurereport/).

Question 2

Which of these chemicals have known toxic effects ? Briefly describe the effects.

Question 3

Which of these chemicals derive from specific exposures ? Briefly describe the relevant exposures.

Question 4

What other useful information can be gained from the NHANES Chemical Survey ?

Question 5

Who was Alice Hamilton, what was she noted for, would it be possible for a contemporary woman to have a similar career and impact on health ?

Question 6

What is the major legislation that governs air pollution, what are the major chemicals regulated, and why are they important for health ?