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Conceptual Bases of Professional Nursing Practice
Teacher Variables:  Preferred Model
Part 1:  Variables Influencing Teaching and Learning

System Variables

Teacher Variables

Learner Variables

Part 2:  The Seven Steps of Planning --Plus One

Online Learning Activity 1
Evaluating Learning

Online Learning Activity 2
Analyzing Experiences



In the section titled "Nursing Profession",  we discussed the use of broad models or frameworks to guide practice. While there is usually a dominant model or framework among nurses that reflects the assumption, beliefs, and values of the majority, individual nurses may or may not work from the predominant model. Many nurses will use the predominant model-it's what they've been taught, it's what many around them use, and it's often what the system supports. However, some nurses may prefer to use another model to guide their practice, even if it is more difficult because it is different. Even when individual nurses use the dominant model, they may adapt it to better meet their needs.

If you need to review information about models and frameworks used to guide teaching and learning, return to the page titled  System Variables: Nursing Profession


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