Carolina RN to BSN Online
Conceptual Bases of Professional Nursing Practice
Online Learning Actiivity
Part 1:  Variables Influencing Teaching and Learning

System Variables

Teacher Variables

Learner Variables

Part 2:  The Seven Steps of Planning --Plus One

Weekly Assignment 1
Evaluating Learning Activities

Weekly Assignment 2
Analyzing Experiences


Evaluating Learning

Post the following information on the discussion board titled "Evaluating Learning".  There is a link to the board located at the bottom of this page.   You are not required to respond to anyone else's posting, but  feel free to engage in discussion.  I will post my feedback following the close of  Module 4.

1.  Select a topic and a learner or group of learners.  This may be a real example or one you "make up" for this exercise.  State the topic and the target learner(s) in one or two sentences.

2.  Write one learner objective for a session on this topic with this learner.

3.  Describe specifically how you will evaluate whether or not the learner objective has been achieved.  That is, what evidence will you collect, how will you collect  it, and from whom will you collect it?

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