N 95 Nursing Care of Persons with Chronic Illness


Segment 1
Defining Illness

Segment 2
Illness Trajectory

Segment 3
Managing Uncertainty

Segment 4

Segment 5

Summary and Assessment





Segment Four: Coping with fatigue


Fatigue is a self-perceived state of an overwhelming lack of energy. We have discussed how much "work" having a chronic illness is - and it is any wonder that chronic illness causes persons to feel worn out! Can fatigue be corrected?

Our Resident Expert

Once again, our School of Nursing is blessed with an expert on fatigue in illness, Dr. Julie Barroso. Though Dr. Barroso has mostly studied fatigue in HIV/AIDS and other autoimmune conditions, in so doing, she has developed a wealth of knowledge about the phenomenon. The following PowerPoint presentation is an excerpt from a talk which Dr. Barroso gave on all types of fatigue: chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV/AIDS fatigue, cancer fatigue, as well as fatigue associated with chronic illness. The excerpted slides focus on fatigue associated with chronic illness. Please review the slides now, noting specifically how to conserve energy and how to restore energy.

Link to Fatigue PowerPoint file

Your Fatigue

Given your specific chronic illness, identify two things you could do to conserve energy and two things you could do differently to restore your energy. Do consider all of those wonderful alternative, mind-body-spirit therapies you learned earlier in the course.

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