N 95 Nursing Care of Persons with Chronic Illness


Segment 1
Defining Illness

Segment 2
Illness Trajectory

Segment 3
Managing Uncertainty

Segment 4

Segment 5

Summary and Assessment





Conclusions and Assessment/Examination

You have now successfully completed the unit on Chronic Illness and its complex management. As you progressed through your trajectory, managing your uncertainty and your fatigue, and eventually finding meaning through your spiritual transcendence, I'm sure that you grew in your ability to manage your patients who have chronic illnesses. Further references are listed below for your continued learning.

Lucky for you, the School has one more important resource that will further assist you in your work with persons with chronic illness. The School has a fully-funded, national Center for Research on Chronic Illness (CRCI). Visit them at this web-site and learn about all of the wonderful things your nursing colleagues are discovering about managing chronic illness...

Center for Research on Chronic Illness (CRCI) -- opens in a new window

. . . or better yet, when you're in Carrington Hall, drop by and say hello - they're on the second floor, room 216. Dr. Jennifer Leeman is the project director and I'm sure she'll look forward to you joining their team when you pursue your graduate education!

As your "examination/assessment" for this unit, you are now to list the top 10 nursing implications of your journey. For each implication that you list, write one short paragraph of how you would apply this implication in practice. Do your exam as a WORD document and submit to Dr. Pierce @:

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