CHispA, otherwise known as the Carolina Hispanic Association, is a student group on the campus of UNC-CH that works to inform students and the community of the cultural backgrounds and beliefs of the Hispanic population in the area. With the Hispanic population growing at astounding rates in North Carolina, CHispA works hard to familiarize North Carolinians with Hispanic issues in an effort to helps different ethnicities to be sensitive to Hispanics.

Below, Erica talks about how CHispA tries to share Hispanic culture with students and the community. She feels that incorportaing the community into Hispanic issues and promoting the welfare of Hispanics in the area are the most important tasks for CHispA right now.

In this pursuit, CHispA hosts the CHispA Chicos program which is a Big Buddy program for Hispanic youth in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. In this program college students work with elementary school students providing a role model. CHispA also tries to get students excited about Hispanic culture by using the recent Latin dance craze. They teach Salsa and Marengue lessons to anyone interested, but present Hispanic issues to the students at the same time.

Erica speaks about CHispA's role in the community

Erica speaks about Hispanic Issues