G. Christakos, Center for the Advanced Study of the Environment, Chapel Hill, NC, USA;
P. Bogaert, Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium,
M. Serre, Center for the Advanced Study of the Environment, Chapel Hill, NC, USA


Advanced Functions for Field-Based Applications


2002. XII, 217 pp. 73 figs., 23 tabs. With CD-ROM.

Hardcover EUR 59,95; US$ 59,95; £ 44,-; sFr 103,50

ISBN 3-540-41476-2


The book focuses on the development of advanced  functions for field-based Temporal Geographical Information Systems (TGIS). These fields describe natural, epidemiological, medical, economic, and social systems distributed across space and time under conditions of uncertainty. The TGIS functions allow the synthesis of knowledge bases from several sources and multiple scales, and can be used in a wide variety of spatiotemporal modelling, prediction and data assimilation studies. TGIS functions may involve a large number of data processing and imaging techniques.  A distinction can be made between statistical learning techniques that are useful at the descriptive/correlation level of scientific inquiry and stochastic operational techniques that are appropriate at the explanation/prediction level.  The information generated by TGIS plays an important role in scientific hypothesis testing, explanation, risk assessment, and geographotemporal decision making.


The book is organized around 4 main themes: concepts, mathematical tools, computer programs, and applications. The reader is also familiarized with the TGIS toolbox of advanced functions and the associated library of comprehensive computer programs.


A CD-ROM is included with the book, so that the reader can readily use the computerized advanced TGIS functions of the computer library to reconstruct many of the  numerical applications discussed in the book.


System requirements: The system requirements to install BMElib with the CD-ROM included in this book are:  A CD-ROM drive ( for installation from the CD); 10 MB of disk space to install BMElib;  the system requirements for MATLAB version 5.3 or later. MATLAB is  a product of MathWorks.  The operating systems supported by MATLAB are UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows for PC. A full description of the system requirements for MATLAB 5.3 or later can be found at the MathWorks website (


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