Jeanette Reyes, PhD


UNC-BMElab Visiting Scholar, 3/1/2017-2/28/2019


ORISE Post-doctoral Participant


Environmental Protection Agency/ORD/NERL/CED/IO

109 TW Alexander Drive, MD B243-01, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711

Work: (919) 541-3699


Curriculum Vitae.



Dr. Reyes specializes in human health and risk assessment of internal doses of chemical mixtures with similar health endpoints. Specifically, she investigates mixtures of phthalates which are part of the “phthalate syndrome” associated with endocrine disruption of male reproductive development measured from urinary biomonitoring data. Her research determines the most problematic component of a chemical mixture with known associated toxicities. The methodology she implemented is flexible enough to allow for chemical mixtures in many different applications and has implications for cumulative versus individual chemical risk assessment as well as efficiency of mitigating risks.


Dr. Reyes’s previous work includes creating innovative geostatistical spatiotemporal methods of exposure assessment of ambient levels of several different air pollutants including land use regression models and data fusion models. She has extensive experience working with big data including national observed and modeled air quality data (e.g. Air Quality Systems, Community Multiscale Air Quality, National Emissions Inventory, National Air Toxics Assessment) over several decades (e.g. PM2.5, speciated PM2.5, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ozone) as well as nation-wide biomonitoring data (e.g. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey). Recently, through a collaborative effort, her data fusion method was used assigned exposure to ambient air pollutants with a variety of health endpoints (e.g. brain mass).  


Future work includes investigating time series of phthalate exposures to determine temporal trends in hazard to understand how mitigation strategies can over time. Dr. Reyes will also be investigating environmental justice issues of air pollution in communities in the US city of Philadelphia. Dr. Reyes’s work has published in numerous peer-reviewed publications and she and others have presented her work >15 times at several international societies.