BMElab director

Dr. Marc L. Serre


Current BMElab students

Calvin Arter

PhD student


Kathryn Bradford

MS student

Prahlad Jat

PhD student

Corinne Wiesner

MS student

Gar Yeung

MSEE student






Current BMElab visiting scholars


Dr. Yasukuki Akita

Dr. George Christakos

Dr. Audrey De Nazelle

Lani Clough Fox

Dr. Alexander Kolovos

Dr. Seung-Jae Lee

Dr. Kyle Messier


Dr. Jeanette Reyes




Past (graduated) BMElab students

Dr. Seung-Jae Lee

PhD 2005

Kristen Hampton MSPH 2005

Dr. Sitthichok Puangthonghtub PhD 2006

Dr. Eric Money

PhD 2008

Janie Tarman MSPH.2010

Dr. Yasukuki Akita MS 2005, PhD 2010

Lani Clough Fox MS 2012


Tania Jordanova MSPH, May 2013

Dr. Ben Allshouse PhD Dec 2014

Molly Murchison MS Aug 2014

Scott Boone

MS May 2015

Jamie Smedsmo

MS May 2015


Elizabeth Christenson

MS August 2015

Dr. Kyle Messier MS 2010

PhD August 2015

Vance (Jianhan) Wang

MSEE Dec 2015


Dr. Jeanette Reyes

MS 2011, PhD 2016










Past Research Staff and visiting scholars


Dr. Heidi Hubbard

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Gavino Puggioni







Group pictures 

April 2011:
Kyle, Prahlad, Marc, Lani, Jeanette and Yasu

October 2008:
Kyle, Eric, Yasu, Janie, Jeanette, Gavino and Marc


: Kristen, George, Dohyeong, Tony, Seung-Jea, Linlin, Narc, Eric, Ricardo, Hwa-Lung