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Edited by:
Richard J.A. Talbert

In collaboration with:
Roger S. Bagnall (Libya and Nile Valley)
John McK. Camp II (Greece)
John F. Drinkwater (North-West Europe)
Clive Foss (Asia Minor)
William V. Harris (Italy)
Robert C. Knapp (Iberian Peninsula)
S. Thomas Parker (Near East)
Michael Roaf (Mesopotamia and beyond)
Colin M. Wells (Central Europe and North Africa)
John J. Wilkes (Balkans and Black Sea)

Map Editors:
Mary E. Downs
M. Joann McDaniel

Cartographic Managers:
Janet E. Kelly
Jeannine M. Schonta
David F. Stong

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Arete Foundation
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Florence Gould Foundation

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Stanwood Cockey Lodge Foundation
Magie Publications Fund
Luther I. Replogle Foundation

Academia Europaea
Royal Danish Academy
Earhart Foundation
Finnish Academies of Science and Letters
Harvard Historical Series
International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies (UNESCO)
International Federation of the Societies of Classical Studies (FIEC)
Jerome Levy Foundation
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

James H. Ottaway Trust
Princeton University Program in the Ancient World
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Ministry of Culture, Spain
Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, Sweden
Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences
Groupe Romand des Etudes Grecques et Latines, Switzerland
Malcolm H. Wiener Foundation

Bernard A. Chapman Foundation
Classical Association, United Kingdom
Jount Association of Classical Teachers, United Kingdom

Craven Committee (Ireland Fund), University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies, United Kingdom
Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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