CLAR 241:

The Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

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Middle Assyrian Period: Images


*** relief of a vegetation god from Assur, 15th-13th cs.

*** fragmentary stone lid from Assur showing a king, 13th c.

*** so-called "broken obelisk" of Assurbelkalla, c. 1100


Assyrian Empire: Images

Assurnasirpal II (883-859)

Nimrud (Kalakh)

*** overall plan

*** plan of citadel (Northwest Palace at lower left)

Northwest Palace

*** plan

*** founder's stele with inscription of Assurnasirpal

*** statue of Assurnasirpal

*** stele of Assurnasirpal

*** Lamassu. British Museum

*** gate to throne room with lamassu, reconstructed on site

*** wall relief from facade of throne room, foreigners

*** wall relief from facade of throne room, foreigners and offerings

*** reconstruction of throne room

*** wall relief, Assurnasirpal being blessed by a genius

*** wall relief, Assurnasirpal being blessed by griffin-men

*** wall relief, griffin-man

*** wall relief, genius and attendant

*** wall relief, Assurnasirpal and attendant

*** wall relief, Assurnasirpal seated on stool

*** wall relief, Assurnasirpal hunting a lion from a chariot

*** wall relief, second depiction of Assurnasirpal hunting lion from a chariot

*** wall relief, similar to preceding, but a bull hunt from chariot

*** wall relief, river-side ambush

*** wall relief, tribute and prisoners

*** wall relief, chariot attack on city and infantry combat

*** continuation to R of preceding, Assurnasirpal in chariot, besieged city

*** wall relief, Assurnasirpal (at R) laying siege to a city

*** detail of section with Assurnasirpal

*** drawing

*** detail, soldiers countering attempt to disable siege machine

Shalmaneser III (859-824)


*** so-called black obelisk, from the citadel

*** 3/4 color view

"Fort Shalmaneser"

*** plan

*** relief from throne dais, Shalmaneser greeting the king of Babylon

*** drawing of glazed brick panel with Shalmaneser and tree of life

*** detail of bulls


Bronze-sheathed gates from palace, with reliefs in repoussee

*** left-hand door leaf, general view

*** detail of zones

*** detail of zones, including (at top) episode at source of Tigris river


Tiglath-Pileser III (744-727)

Nimrud, Central Palace

*** wall relief, attack on the city of Upa


Sargon (721-705)

Khorsabad (Dur Sharrukin)

*** Overall plan of site

*** Plan of citadel, with palace, ziggurat, and temples on raised platform

*** Citadel, reconstructed view

*** Arched gate in the citadel, with protective lamassu, as uncovered in A.D. 1852

*** Another arched gate in the citadel, with lamassu, as uncovered earlier in this century by the University of Chicago

*** Lamassu from gate, side view with protective genius

*** Detail of lamassu

*** Palace, plan

*** Throne room, reconstruction of facade, with lamassu and heroes

*** Hero from facade of throne room

Wall reliefs from the throne-room court (VIII)

*** Sargon and vizier(?)

*** The same, drawing

*** Court officials(?)

*** Detail of official with antelope

*** Throne-bearer

*** Transport of timber for palace by sea

*** Wall relief from private quarters, siege of a city (drawing)


Sennacherib (705-681)


*** Overall plan of city

*** Kuyunjik citadel, plan

Southwest Palace of Sennacherib

*** Plan

*** Wall relief showing quarrying of block to become a lamassu

*** Detail from a similar relief, removing debitage from quarry

*** Wall relief showing the transport of a colossal stone lamassu from the quarry to Nineveh

*** Detail of workers

Capitulation of Lachish in Palestine

*** Detail of Sennacherib on throne

*** Deportees from Lachish

*** Detail of deportees from Lachish

Assurbanipal (668-627)

Nineveh, Southwest Palace

*** Wall relief of battle of Til Tuba (Ulai river) in Elam

*** Drawing

*** Detail of relief

*** Detail, cycle of the Elamite ruler Te-um-man and his son

*** Continuation of Te-um-man cycle to right

*** Wall relief showing the capitulation of the city of Madaktu in Elam

*** Drawing

*** Detail, Elamite musicians

*** Detail, Elamites before Assyrian officials

*** Detail, Assyrian military official presenting new Elamite ruler

*** Wall relief showing Assyrian raid on the Marsh Arabs

*** Detail of boat

Nineveh, North Palace

*** Plan

*** Threshold block carved with floral patterns

*** Wall relief, Assurbanipal in chariot

*** Wall relief showing siege of Hamanu in Elam

*** Wall relief, sack of Hamanu

*** Wall relief, fleeing Elamites

*** Wall relief, more fleeing Elamites

*** Wall relief, Assurbanipal and consort dining in garden (head of Te-um-man hanging in tree at left)

*** Detail of Assurbanipal

Wall reliefs of hunting

*** Crowds flocking to watch hunt

*** Assurbanipal hunting lions in three registers

*** Detail of Assurbanipal and attacking lion

*** Detail of Assurbanipal hunting on horseback

*** Detail of dying lion

*** Detail of dying lioness





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