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Classical Archaeology 244

The Archaeology of Greece

© 2006 G. Kenneth Sams and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Early Classical Period: Images


Temple of Zeus, Olympia (ca. 468-456)


*** Plan of the Altis (inner sanctuary) showing location of temple

*** Model of the Altis

*** Second view of model

*** Plan of temple

*** Toppled columns

*** View along stylobate

*** Marble lion-head spout

*** View of cella / naos from west

*** Restored elevation of eastern facade

*** Restored N-S section showing metopes over pronaos

*** Restored N-S section showing chryselephantine statue of Zeus


*** Pediments, restored drawings (east pediment at top)

*** East pediment, general view

*** East pediment, second general view

*** Central figures (Zeus at center)

*** Seated boy; *** same in color

*** "Seer"

*** Detail

*** Detail of face

*** River god ("Kladeos") in right corner; *** second view

*** West pediment, general view

*** West pediment, second general view

*** Apollo at center, detail

*** Figures at left

*** three-figure group

*** Centaur and Lapith "bride"

*** Detail

*** Detail

*** Centaur and Lapith male

*** Detail

Metopes (12 Labors of Herakles)

*** Drawings

*** Herakles and the Cretan Bull

*** Herakles presents the Erymanthean Boar to Eurystheus

*** Athena, Herakles, and Atlas with the golden apples of the Hesperides


Other works of Early Classical sculpture

*** Bronze charioteer, Delphi (ca. 478 / 474); reconstruction of group

*** Front view

*** 3/4 rear view

*** Bust, frontal

*** Bust, left profile

*** Bust, right profile

*** Upper back view

*** Detail of head


Bronze Zeus (or Poseidon) from the sea off Cape Artemision (ca. 470-450)

*** Front view

*** Back view

*** Frontal 3/4 view

*** Side view

*** Upper 3/4 view

*** Torso, detail

*** Torso profile, detail

*** Head, profile


*** The "Riace Bronzes," two statues from the sea off coast of southern Italy (ca. 460-450)

*** Riace "A," front view

*** Upper front view

*** Detail of head

*** Riace "B," front view

*** Bust, profile

*** Detail of head


Diskobolos by Myron; known only in marble copies; original (bronze?) dating to ca. 460-450

*** Copy in the Terme Museum, Rome

*** Side view

*** Copy in the Vatican Museum, Rome


"Ludovisi" and "Boston" "Thrones" (ca. 470-460)

*** Hypothetical reconstruction of the two reliefs as sides of an altar

*** Ludovisi Throne, main panel showing birth of Aphrodite from the sea

*** 3/4 view

*** Side panel, nude female flute player

*** Side panel, matronly woman with incense burner

*** Boston Throne, main panel with Eros weighing souls; *** same, color

*** Side panels, mature woman and nude lyre-playing boy


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