Minor in Cognitive Science

 The cognitive science minor consists of five disciplinary areas: behavioral, biological, computational, linguistic, and  philosophical. Each course, except the overview, falls into one or more disciplinary areas. Please refer to the  appropriate departments for course descriptions.

 Students must earn a grade of C or better in at least four of the five courses. Courses used to satisfy psychology  major requirements cannot also satisfy requirements in the cognitive science minor. The minor is open to all,  including psychology majors, who are still limited to no more than 45 credit hours in the department. Students  interested in pursuing the minor should contact the program director for further information.

 PSYC 431: Introduction to Cognitive Science (prerequisite PSYC 210)

 Four other courses distributed over at least two disciplinary areas.

 Behavioral: BIOL 278, BIOL 453, BIOL 455, INLS 512, PSYC 230, PSYC 225, PSYC 222, PSYC 435, PSYC 400,  PSYC 425, PSYC 430, PSYC 432, PSYC 461, PSYC 433, PSYC 508

 Biological: BIOL 278, BIOL 453, BIOL 469, BIOL 455, PSYC 225, PSYC 400, PSYC 508

 Computational: COMP 485, COMP 455, INLS 510, INLS 582, INLS 512, INLS 509, MATH 383, MATH 547, MATH  566, STOR 105, STOR 582, STOR 305, PSYC 433

 Linguistic: INLS 512, INLS 512, LING 400, LING 200, LING 202, LING 383, LING 520, LING 523, LING 547, PHIL  145, PHIL 445, PSYC 432, SLAV 409

 Philosophical: INLS 512, PHIL 145, PHIL 335, PHIL 345, PHIL 340, PHIL 453, PHIL 445, PHIL 440Other Degree  Information

 A student may submit a maximum of 45 hours of credit in psychology courses (including PSYC 101) toward the  completion of the B.A. degree.

 All majors must complete PSYC 101 and at least six psychology courses above PSYC 101 with a grade of C (not  C-) or higher. Students planning to enter graduate programs in psychology are urged to include a  research- intensive course such as PSYC 395, 470, 530, or 693H-694H in their program and as many courses  numbered 400 and above as possible.

 Details of the student's program may be worked out in consultation with college and departmental advisors.