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bookNEW The final book in Mark Wentling's Africa Trilogy is now available. Africa's Heart: The Journey Ends in Kansas.

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Book Reviews
William P. Kiehl, Contributing Editor


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NEW Ruling Russia: Authoritarianism from the Revolution to Putin Review by John H. Brown

NEW America’s Great Game Review by William A. Rugh

NEW Conservative Internationalism Review by James L. Abrahamson

NEW Visions of Freedom Review by Herman J. Cohen

Spoken Word Reviews
Francis P. Sempa, Contributing Editor

NEW January Links
Origins of the Palestine Mandate

Henry Kissinger Looks Back on the Cold War
Disrupting ISIL’s Money Trail
The Weakness of the West
Putin and Russian Power in the World: The Stalin Legacy
Charting the Navy’s Future in a Changing Maritime Domain
The Case for Conservative Realism
Reforming Peacekeeping in a Time of Conflict
Economics and Security in U.S. Foreign Policy

Internet Articles FYI
George Clack, Contributing Editor

NEW January Links
Piety or Rage? On the Charlie Hebdo Massacres
Can the West Stand up for Free Speech?
Trivializing Freedom at Its Source
Limits to Freedom of Speech? When Legalism Replaces Humanism
Opinion: Je Suis Ahmed
Special Dispatch: Reactions in Arab Media to Paris Terror Wave
The Geopolitics of U.S.- Cuba Relations
Has D-Day Arrived?
A New ‘Political Imaginary’
The Tragedy of the American Military
Q&A with Christopher Hill: In Defense of Diplomacy
The Quiet German
The U.S. Sanctions the Moscow-Budapest Axis

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Authors Who Were Diplomats

William Dean Howells as the Civil War Consul in Venice by William Sommers

Diplomats Who Are Authors

Farishta by Patricia McArdle

Cosa Buena by Robert Earle

The Ambassador to Everland by Howard Cincotta

Savarona by J. Patrick Hart

The Islamic World Faces Its Future
by Benjamin Landis

The Islamic World is being subjected to powerful contrary external and internal forces. It is inevitable that these forces will express themselves in violence. It is also inevitable that the Islamic World will be in turmoil and tumult for most of the rest of this century and very possibly longer, until one set of the forces triumphs.

Commentary and Analysis

NEW The Islamic World Faces Its Future by Benjamin Landis

NEW LINK Rebuilding After World War II: The Experience of Saint-Lo, France by David A. Langbart

The Return of Classical Geopolitics by Francis P. Sempa

Thoughts of Afghanistan and the Impending Withdrawal by Richard Averna


From the National Archives: "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington": Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy as Movie Critic by David A. Langbart

From the National Archives: The Department of State on the Eve of World War II by David A. Langbart


Internet Article Alert Link: www.stratfor.com/sample/weekly/oriental-despotism
Our Foreign Service colleague John Vincent comments on a recent article "Oriental Despotism" by Robert Kagan, from the November 12, 2014 Stratfor Global Intelligence website. We appreciate this contribution and welcome all future article alerts from our readers. (ed.)

Diplomacy and Intercultural Communication by Yoav Tenembaum

LINK to remarks by Mark Grossman
"A Diplomacy for the 21st Century: Back to the Future?"
www.afsa.org/FSJ/0914/files/assets/common/downloads/sep2014fsj.pdf (page 22)

LINK to remarks by PDC President Don Bishop
A year ago, I feared that the "trifecta" of scandals then engulfing Washington — Benghazi, the IRS and the Tea Party, and government access to Americans’ phone and email records — posed some real challenges for Public Diplomacy officers overseas. Back then, I could hardly imagine how difficulties would multiply.
Public Diplomacy in Time of Partisanship

The Indian Election by Jon P. Dorschner

Ten Principles of Operational Diplomacy:  a proposed framework by Paul Kreutzer

The Elder Statesman: George H. W. Bush in Retrospect by Aaron Brown and Mirco Reimer

Exchange of Ideas between William Harrop and Thomas E. McNamara
Ambassador McNamara contributes this article with the intention of launching discussion and debate on the topic. We cordially invite your comments and will publish them in upcoming issues. (ed.)
The United States and Latin America: Individuals and Institutions by Thomas E. McNamara

Foreign Service Life


Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, and do not represent the position of American Diplomacy which maintains its founding principles of balance and non-partisanship.

New Do We Really Want Turkey as a NATO Ally? by Sol Schindler

Winners and Losers by Sol Schindler

Winning the War for Peace, Justice and Prosperity: A Vision by J.S. Lee

Diplomats Who Are Authors

After Apple Picking by Robert Earle

  No one who has never harvested apples knows what heaven is like. Even those who have can get it wrong. She read the Robert Frost poem in 11th grade and understood he was looking for death wherever he could find it, even where its opposite, eternity, held sway. Apple-picking is ambrosia.  Apple-picking is no way that God would ever expel you. It’s more like God in your hands.

Chapter Sixteen Cacao cum Cocoa by Mark Wentling

  Nobody knew it, but Chief Letivi was struggling to stay poised and focused on the subject at hand. His mother’s dire situation and his discovery of the gold stool under the old baobab tree were weighing heavily on him. Letivi fought to clear his mind of these two serious concerns as he stood to welcome formally the two white men and commence the meeting with them.

The American Mission by Matthew Palmer

   Alex looked at the pile of application  packages still in front of him. There were at least twenty left.

Flame by Barry Fulton

   He had decided to wait for a sharp curve, and then lean far to the right to throw the bike off balance. He would risk a concussion or worse, but better to die on his terms than face torture...

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Special Section: Diplomats Who Are Artists

AbidjanaiseWork by Cynthia Farrell Johnson


Work by Bud Hensgren


Comment on The United States and Latin America: Individuals and Institutions

Comment on Coming home: different Popes for different times

Comment on Future Battleground of Indo/Pakistan Rivalry

Comment on Facebook: Penchant for our senior political leadership

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Frontline Diplomacy LOC Resource

AFSA Book Notes: More Than Just Diplomacy
George Gedda discussed his book, More Than Just Diplomacy: The Personalities, Turf Battles, Danger Zones for Diplomats, Exotic Datelines, Miscast Appointees, … the Laughs – And, Sadly, the Occasional Homicide, at AFSA headquarters. Video available. Reviewed here.

WACA Cover to Cover: Outpost: Life on the Frontlines of American Diplomacy
World Affairs Councils of America's 'Cover to Cover' series featured Amb. Christopher Hill on October 6, 2014. A recording is available here.

"The Barrios of Manta" on Facebook

LINK Print Edition of 2013 Open Doors: Report on International Educational Exchange Now Available: http://www.iie.org/en/Research-and-Publications/Publications-and-Reports/IIE-Bookstore/Open-Doors-2013

LINK Our readers will be interested to learn that one can get on Kindle all three of the books published so far by our frequent contributor, Ambassador (ret.) Peter Bridges: his memoir, mainly of Somalia, and his biographies of two 19th century Americans, an antislavery Ohioan and a racist Virginian.
Please see his Amazon author page for more information: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001KIQWMG.

“Africa’s Release,” by our contributor, retired USAID FSO, Mark Wentling's, is the second book of his African Trilogy. Although his trilogy makes for entertaining and educational reading, it is also an attempt to communicate “development” via fiction. - Ed.

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