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Vol IV, No. 1

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Three experts assess the 1998 Wye Conference and its political context :

    • Amb. Hermann Eilts, “Breakthrough or Band-Aid?”
    • Harvey Sicherman, “The ‘Camp Wye’ Accords”
    • Robert Olson, The Geopolitics of the Middle East Peace Process ”


While the military culture has evolved over the years and we now have an Army almost unrecognizable to pre-Vietnam war veterans, one issue has remained pretty much the same—the place (or lack thereof) of the pol-mil officer in the military establishment. [Full text]

En 1891 ocurrió un incidente en el puerto de Valparaíso que condujo a una delicada crisis internacional la que amenazó culminar en un conflicto armado entre los Estados Unidos de América y Chile. Como consecuencia de la dinámica que asumió el hecho la República Argentina y el Perú quedaron involucrados en la trama del grave suceso. [Full text]



In which he identifies by name and position the journal’s parent organization Board of Directors, with special reference to additions since the journal’s founding in 1996.

“It goes without saying, almost, that we on American Diplomacy take great pride and satisfaction from our association with the outstanding array of talent and experience which now makes up the full Board of Directors.” [Full text]

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