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Editor: Henry E. Mattox
Publisher: T. Frank Crigler

Chapel Hill, NC
January-March 1998

Editorial Advisory Board &
Technical Staff

Volume III, No. 1

From the Editor . . .

. . . and the Publisher

    We Begin to Get Serious
    Announcing the birth of a new non-profit corporation, "American Diplomacy Publishers," with high hopes and noble purposes.

Current Articles

    Article Abstracts

    The Trials of Concurrent Jurisdiction:
    The Case of Rwanda

    by Madeline H. Morris

    “In the weeks from April 6 to July 17, 1994, between half a million and a million Rwandans were butchered by their neighbors. . . . Two and a half years after those events, and notwithstanding efforts at both national and international levels to bring the perpetrators to justice, the first trials both in the Rwandan courts and before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) were begun only weeks ago. ”

    Roosevelt and the Wartime
    Summit Conferences with Stalin

    by Charles G. Stefan

    "I know you will not mind my being brutally frank when I tell you I think I can personally handle Stalin better than your Foreign Office or my State Department.”

    FDR to Churchill, March 18, 1942

    Plus an Update -

    Stuart Kennedy on the
Triangle Institute for Security Studies

NOTE: The opinions expressed by the authors published in this Journal are not necessarily those of members of the Editorial Advisory Board or of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies.

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