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Volume III, No. 2

From the Editor . . .

    Dr. Strangelove, I Presume?

    "Probably an effort to reduce the global holdings of nuclear warheads to zero would be both unwise and impractical, but reaching a total far, far lower than 30,000 seems indicated as a vital first step toward sanity in the arms reduction arena."

Current Articles

Sigmund Freud  

    Article Abstracts

    The Psychological Bases of War

    by Robert A. Hinde

    Prof. Robert Hinde

    “International war may cause aggression, but aggressiveness does not cause war. . . . Humans do not readily kill other humans.”

    Bridging Gaps In the Study of
    Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy

    First of three extracts from the proceedings of a one-day conference held at Chapel Hill, NC, on January 10, 1998, sponsored by the Triangle Institute for Security Studies

    Prof. Ole Holsti

    “We have an increasing amount of evidence from archival research, interview research, and firsthand accounts [suggesting] that policy making really begins with public opinion. — Prof. Ole Holsti, Duke University.”

    Ambassador Henry Grady and Indian Independence:
    A Historical Retrospective

    by Robert K. Olson

    Amb. Henry Grady w/ George McGee “[Gandhi] urged [me in 1942] that nothing should be done to prevent the invasion of India by the Japanese. The reason he gave was that the Japanese could do no real harm to India — at least no greater than what the British were doing.”

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