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Embassy Bombings in
Nairobi and Dar es Salaam

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Volume III, No. 3

From the Editor . . .

. . . and the Publisher

    Like WCPE, We Launch a Campaign to Improve Our Signal

    "My favorite classical music station is installing a new high-power antenna this week, entirely listener-funded, that will substantially strengthen its signal and broaden its audience. We propose to do likewise." [Note the "Honor Roll" box at the bottom of this page! ~ Ed.] .

Current Articles

    Article Abstracts

    A New Nuclear TRIAD

    by Stansfield Turner

    Adm. Stansfield Turner
    “In naval parlance, if you are not making waves, your ship is not underway — not going anywhere. There are almost no waves from START II [and] the window of opportunity may not be open long.”

    Public Argument and the Study of Foreign Policy

    by Thomas Goodnight

    Second of three extracts from the proceedings of a one-day conference on Bridging Gaps in the Study of Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy, held at Chapel Hill, NC, on January 10, 1998, under the auspices of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies.

    A Fulbright Interlude in Nigeria

    by Henry E. Mattox

    Author Henry E. Mattox “Praise for Saddam as the next leader of a pan-African movement, a popular idea going the rounds of the [Nigerian] campus. . . had mystified me.”  


. . . plus, A Special 4th of July QUIZ —

Remember the Cold War?

by Jason Hyland & David Shear

“When [our children] are older, they will read the dry paragraphs in their textbooks. But will their teachers remember to tell them about the plane that flew into Red Square, about Khrushchev and his shoe, or Ham the astronaut?”

Here's a chance to test your own recollection and have some fun too!


Editor: Henry E. Mattox
Publisher: T. Frank Crigler

Editorial Advisory Board &
Technical Staff
NOTE: The opinions expressed by the authors published in this Journal are not necessarily those of members of the Editorial Advisory Board or of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies.

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