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Volume III, No. 4

Commentary on
Current Issues
· John Gaddis,
The Cold War's New History

· Ken Stammerman,
Conducting Diplomacy in the Age of Terrorism

· David Work,
The Poison Drug Trade

Life in the
Foreign Service
· Francis Underhill,
The Rockefellers Come to Call

· Judy Chidester,
Five-can Casserole

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· Reader's Forum
· Research Inquiries
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September 18, 1996

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December 4, 1996

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March 31, 1997

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4th of July 1997

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Autumn, 1997

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Winter, 1998

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Spring, 1998

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Summer, 1998

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How to Link Democratic Governance with Economic Growth

In the policy and social sciences, correlation coefficients and regression analysis results are not destiny. This is nowhere more true than in international development in general and in the relationship between economic growth and democratic governance in particular. Here the challenge is to effect change, not to accept the status quo. But the mini-industry researching whether economic development is a cause or an effect of democratic governance reports little consensus on which variable is independent and how much variance in the dependent is explained. [Full text]
Amb. Wilbur Carr

Mr. Carr Goes to Prague

He went to see the secretary one day in June 1937. Cordell Hull asked him to sit down and said to him rapidly: “Well, it seems to have come to this. The President wants you to go to Prague. It is now one of the most important posts in Europe . . . really more important than Berlin. . . . You have a unique record here, having been here all these years and never a breath against you.” [Full text]

Southeast Asia Crisis:
Background and Current Assessment


The institutions put in place [in Southeast Asian countries] after World War II from the United Nations to the IMF appear inadequate to cope with the post-Cold War anarchy that has followed the Long Peace and relative order imposed by the bipolar international relations structure between 1945 and 1990. [Full text]


Public Opinion and Foreign Policy:
Bridging the Gap

An account of the discussion that followed Prof. Thomas Goodnight's presentation, “Public Argument and the Study of Foreign Policy,” carried in the last issue of this journal. [full text]

From the Editor . . .

GUEST EDITORIAL: Us Against Them on Terrorism
A statement of opinion by CURTIS F. JONES,
with an interactive link for discussion and debate.

“By firing missiles at alleged terrorist targets in Sudan and Afghanistan, the President enhanced the parallels between nineteenth century Britain and twentieth century America: Clintonian cruise missle diplomacy seemed to have replaced Victorian gunboat diplomacy.” [Full text]

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Publisher: T. Frank Crigler

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