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Ambassador Lodge Corrects the Record

“Ambassador Lodge was not, to put it mildly indeed, a favorite of the career people in the Department of State . . . . He was a large, imposing man—every inch a New England aristocrat. He simply took it for granted that he would be looked up to and deferred to.” [Full text]



Riding Free, Into and Out of Haiti
Foreign Service fiction by JACK L. NIXON

“I’m Dennis Chapman, madam. On behalf of this Embassy I welcome you to Port-au-Prince. To be of service to you the Embassy needs to know approximately how long you plan to stay in Haiti, as well as your home address in the U.S.A.”

Unimpressed, Marjorie Schneider replied, “Oh, I haven’t got any home address. I go wherever our Lord sends me. And that bothers old Satan. He doesn’t like our Lord’s messengers. He’s really mad at me now because of all the good work I’ve been doing lately in a lot of places.” [Full text]

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