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On February 5-6, the Triangle Institute for Security Studies will hold a conference at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill on conflict in Africa. Its purpose is to gather a distinguished group of scholars from the United States and overseas to investigate the roots of internal and inter-state group violence, describe its recent history, and explore a variety of ideas for ameliorating or avoiding such conflict in the near and long term future. [DETAILS]

Since 1979 the Department of State has been publishing a comprehensive documentary record of the foreign policies of the Eisenhower administration in its Foreign Relations of the United States series. Volume III, 1958-1960, National Security Policy; Arms Control and Disarmament, published 2 years ago, was the last of more than 60 printed volumes on the Eisenhower presidency. On December 7 the Department of State released a microfiche supplement to this volume containing about 3,200 pages of declassified documents. This publication, the seventh and last of the microfiche supplements to the 1958-1960 subseries of Foreign Relations volumes, completes the documentary coverage of the Eisenhower administration. [DETAILS]

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