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Life in the Foreign Service
In this issue:
Foreign Service Humor:
Not Necessarily an Oxymoron

By GENE SCHMIELHumor in the FS

“Did you even wonder why Reader’s Digest has a section every month entitled ‘Humor in Uniform’ about the military but not one entitled ‘Humor in Striped Pants and Morning Coat’ about the Foreign Service?. . . . That is because, as everyone knows, every single man and woman in the Foreign Service is inherently dour, serious, staid, sedate, and, let’s face it, downright dull.” [Full text]


Overland by Jeep to Kabul
( . . . long years ago)

Overland by Jeep to Kabul“Going back the way I had come about two or three miles, I found my friend pulling an arrow from the canvas in his jeep. We never figured out the reason, but someone had shot an arrow at him. And we were still in Pakistan, a very friendly country at the time!” [Full text]


Excitement Around Here Last Week!

Present at the Footnote“Ambassador [Clinton E.] Knox and Ward Christensen, the chief of the consular section, were kidnapped and held some 20 hours at the residence by terrorists — as you well know from news reports. They were finally released unharmed, of course, but it was a harrowing, nervous period.” [Full text]


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