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On February 5-6, the Triangle Institute for Security Studies held a conference at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill on conflict in Africa. Its purpose was to gather a distinguished group of scholars from the United States and overseas to investigate the roots of internal and inter-state group violence, describe its recent history, and explore a variety of ideas for ameliorating or avoiding such conflict in the near and long term future. [DETAILS]

How many of us own books that we only read once and then let sit on the shelf to collect dust? Instead, why not donate them to a cause that will put books in the hands of children and adults in Africa? The Uganda Book Drive Initiative is a worthy effort to do just that. [DETAILS]

The Department of State has released its last microfiche supplement documenting the foreign policy of the John F. Kennedy administration. This is the final microfiche publication of a series planned by the Department of State to augment the printed Foreign Relations of the United States series. This microfiche presents documentation supplementing three Foreign Relations volumes on the Kennedy administration: Volume X, Cuba, 1961-1962, Volume XI, The Cuban Missile Crisis and Aftermath, and Volume XII, American Republics. [DETAILS]

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