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Commentary on Current Issues
NATO Cooperation with Former Adversaries:
The Historical Record, 1990-1997

As the communist regimes of Eastern Europe began to collapse, NATO governments, led by the United States and Germany, undertook rapid steps . . . to deal with the desires of the new democratic governments of Eastern Europe for some degree of security assurance in a confusing new situation. Their objective was also to improve long-term chances for democratic government in the former Warsaw Pact states by transmitting to their armed forces and civilian leaders essential concepts from Western practice. [FULL TEXT]

The Case Against Pinochet:
Some Legal and Political Implications

While some states, most notably the United States of America, which has not signed the Rome Convention, may balk at the thought of any court other than its own deciding on such [politically sensitive] issues, the International Criminal Court must surely be seen as a better forum than national courts.” [FULL TEXT]

Banker as Diplomat:
Thomas W. Lamont in Post-World War I Japan


“Nothing quite prepared J. P. Morgan’s senior partner, Thomas William Lamont, for Japan. While the American banker lunched at the downtown Tokyo villa of Japan’s wealthiest man, Baron Iwasaki of the Mitsubishi zaibatsu, the baron offered to show him his garden. It was one of the ‘most beautiful gardens I ever expect to see,’ Lamont wrote, ‘everything was artificially constructed but beautiful and perfect—rocks, mountains, flowers, shrubs along the shore of a picturesque artificial lake’. . . . So taken was Lamont by this illusion of timeless serenity that it momentarily blotted out that other Japan, the Japan of ‘blood and iron.’ But were he to succeed in his current mission to Japan, he would have to persuade the Japanese of the futility of military aggrandizement and of the benefits of international cooperation.” [FULL TEXT]

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